It’s Time for Fall Plumbing Maintenance in Poughkeepsie, NY

Plumbing Maintenance Advice for Poughkeepsie, NY, Homeowners

Fall is here in Poughkeepsie, which means there is no better time for homeowners to start working on completing fall maintenance tasks before the cold weather really kicks in. Preparing ahead by conducting these quick and simple maintenance tasks can help reduce the chances of major plumbing issues emerging over the course of the holiday season.

Examine Your Drains

Examine all the faucets in your home by turning them on and checking to ensure the water isn’t draining slowly. Do the same with the drains on all your showers and bathtubs. Remember to turn them on high, so you can verify that the drains are functioning optimally. If some of your drains are draining slowly, this may indicate that something is blocking them. While it may seem like a minor issue at first glance, build-up that causes a drain to be slow tends to become worse as time goes on. For this reason, you should be sure to have a plumber come check out your drains at soon as possible this season.

Check for Leaks

Look underneath your sinks to examine the pipes for any indication of leaks. You can examine your toilets for unseen leaks by listening closely for any sounds of running water when they are not in use. You should also make a point to examine your garden hose and any exterior pipes for leaks. If you notice a crack in any of your pipes, be sure to have a professional come take care of it before it becomes a more serious problem.

Examine Your Sewer System

Autumn can wreak havoc on your sewer system, especially if you have encountered issues recently. Investing in preventive maintenance services conducted by your local Poughkeepsie plumber can provide you the extra reassurance you need to know your plumbing system is working effectively.

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance Services

Having your hot water heater serviced at least once a year can help prolong its lifespan and improve its efficiency overall. While most water heaters will remain functional for eight to 12 years, routine maintenance services drastically enhance the unit’s effectiveness and decrease the cost of your utility bills.


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