Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

Every homeowner dreads a sewer line leak. The smell of sewage and the health hazard to the people nearby are an enormous cause of frustration for many homeowners every year, and On The Level Plumbing in Poughkeepsie can help. We want our customers to know how to spot a sewer line problem before it turns into a serious issue causing costly damage to a home or property.


Check Your Yard

Hopefully, if you have a problem with your sewer line at home it will occur somewhere along the sewer line away from the home itself. Your yard could have the early signs of a sewer line leak, so pay close attention to anything out of the ordinary. The smell of sewage is unmistakable, so if you suddenly notice such an odor on your property, it may be a sign of a leak. Sewage also acts like fertilizer for many plants, so if a spot in your yard looks uncharacteristically lush or more fully grown than the surrounding vegetation, it could be a sign of a sewage leak.


Handle Backups Quickly

If your sewer line has a clog or damage, you’ll quickly notice it in your home. One of the telltale signs of a sewer line leak is when you flush a toilet on the lower levels of the house water bubbles out of nearby bathtubs or sinks. This is a sign that the water isn’t flowing correctly through your sewer line. These backups need to be addressed promptly because they can cause unpleasant odors and create a health hazard in your home.


Look for Leaks

Sewer line problems will affect a home from the bottom up, so the first signs of a problem will typically appear in the basement or lowest level of the house. If you notice sewage odors in these areas and find water damage, call On The Level Plumbing in Poughkeepsie right away. A sewer leak inside or very close to your home can seep into the foundation and walls of the structure, potentially causing serious structural damage and lead to costly repairs.


On The Level Plumbing is a premier plumbing service assisting clients in the Poughkeepsie area. We offer drain cleaning, water treatment, septic tank, sewer line, and water heater services and offer a “Peace of Mind” service plan for our most dedicated customers. If you’re worried about a sewer line problem at your home or place of business, reach out to our team to see how we can help.


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