Get to Know Your Pipes

Every building has them. They bring water to your home and take your wastewater away. They come in different sizes and different materials, but one thing no building is complete without is plumbing. At OTL Plumbing, we believe the citizens of Poughkeepsie, New York, need to know more about their pipes so they understand what services they are getting when they call OTL plumbing for help or routine maintenance. To that end, we put together a primer on the different pipes in your home and how they operate.


Water Supply


It’s in the name; this pipe supplies water. It connects to a source of fresh water (municipal water main supply line, a well, etc.) and delivers it into your home. These pipes usually enter at the bottom of a home, likely in the basement or crawlspace, and have a shut-off valve. City water runs through a water meter, while private sources go to a storage tank. From there, several smaller pipes branch out to deliver the water to all of the fixtures in the home. One line goes into the water heater, which feeds into several more pipes connected to hot water fixtures. The pipe’s size, or diameter, changes to allow for variable water pressure.


Drain, Waste, and Vent


All of the other pipes in your home that aren’t gas lines belong to a group commonly called the drain, waste, and vent (DWV) System. DWV pipes, thicker than supply lines, have only one function, to remove wastewater and toxic gases from the home. The main line, called the waste and vent stack, consists of one pipe heading to the sewer or a septic tank and another to a vent in the roof. Each drain and toilet connect to the waste stack, with a U-bend to allow some water to stay and prevent sewer smells from coming up your drain. The vent stack allows air into the pipes to allow water flow and vents sewer gases up through the roof.


Your pipes can be located anywhere in your home, in the floor, behind walls, or in the ceiling joists. Therefore, be mindful when drilling holes in or demolishing a wall near a bathroom or kitchen.


If you know you need drain pipe servicing or think you have a clog, call OTL Plumbing, serving the greater Poughkeepsie, New York, area, today.

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