Five Ways You Can Conserve Water This Summer

As the season shifts once again, homeowners in the Poughkeepsie, New York, area will be inclined to use more water daily to keep cool during the warmest months of the year. Unfortunately, estimations indicate that a standard Poughkeepsie home’s water usage can expand by 25 to 50 percent during the summer. Consider the following summer plumbing tips to help you conserve water and keep your water bills affordable throughout the duration of this steamy season:


  1. If you have planned to take a vacation away from your home this summer, make sure you shut down your hot water heater before you leave to conserve energy.
  2. Consider renewing some of your out-of-date plumbing devices and appliances. You can replace your shower heads, toilets, faucets with newer models the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) endorses. In addition to conserving water usage, the EPA’s specialized Water Sense plumbing products can also help keep your monthly bills from skyrocketing this summer.
  3. If you water your landscape when the temperatures are high and the sun is out, the water may disappear without soaking in – because of evaporation. To take care of your landscape and avoid water loss, it is crucial to water your lawn at the right time of the day. Experts advise watering your landscape in the early hours of the morning and later in the evening after the sun has set.
  4. If you like gardening in your yard, be sure you don’t tug on your hose when watering your plants and flowers. Dragging and tugging on your hose regularly can put enormous pressure on the material and may weaken the hose bib completely. A broken hose bib may result in an extensive mess, water damage, and a substantial replacement bill, so use special care when you hydrate your plants and flowers this summer.
  5. Over the summer, your washing machine will be running continuously to keep your clothes and towels free of sweat, sand, mud, and other debris. Make a point to check your washing machine and its connections thoroughly to be sure it is prepared for the overtime it will see during the summer.
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