3 Winter Plumbing Tips That Could Save You Money

Some of the coldest days of winter are upon us, and with them come the risks cold weather can bring to your plumbing, including frozen pipes, burst pipes, and clogged drains. What are some things you can do to make sure your plumbing stands strong through the winter?

1. Properly Insulate Your Pipes

Your pipes should have adequate insulation against the elements, especially those that are exposed to exterior walls or spaces without heat, such as attics, basements, garages, and crawl spaces. You should insulate both hot and cold-water pipes against the elements. In addition, you should insulate any gaps around the places where pipes extend through exterior walls as well. 

2. Be Kind to Your Drains

Colder weather can mean any fats, cooking oils and food waste that end up in your drains will solidify faster, which could cause backups. Don’t put these items down your drain and be careful about what you send down your garbage disposal – items such as potatoes, pasta and grease can solidify and lead to extensive clogging. You’ll need to call a plumber to address the issue and any backups that result. 

3. Be on Watch

Keep an eye out for any drips or leaks and address them as soon as possible – letting a seemingly small problem go unfixed can turn into a much larger one later. Leaks can cause more damage in the winter, so now is an especially good time to learn to be vigilant about the health of your plumbing. If you aren’t sure about the condition of your plumbing, schedule an inspection with a plumber so that you have an idea of what to watch out for. 

Do you have concerns about the winterization of your pipes? For questions or to schedule an inspection, call 845-452-7555.

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