3 Essential Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

It has been a long, cold winter for the state of New York, with temperatures only gradually rising in the month of March. Poor weather conditions in Poughkeepsie may mean that homeowners are just now realizing they have not yet begun their annual spring plumbing maintenance procedures. The good news is there is still ample time to tackle plumbing maintenance tasks, so we have created the following list of three important tasks homeowners should prioritize this spring.


Examine Your Pipes


The worst conditions of winter 2018 are now in the past, so you might think you have successfully avoided frozen or broken pipes, which are a common winter plumbing issue. But it is important for homeowners to remember they might have problems that are not so simple to detect. Some cracks are small enough to remain unnoticed for a long period of time. Specifically, hairline cracks in pipes don’t always seem to leak when the weather is cold, but when the pipes begin to get warm again, these cracks can expand and get worse. As the temperatures begin to rise, be sure to inspect your pipes for any signs of exterior cracks and consider calling a professional for an in-depth examination.


Examine Faucets


Though you might not have utilized your outdoor faucets lately, it is crucial to check them for problems sustained over the winter. Oftentimes, homeowners don’t realize an outside faucet is leaking until they go to turn it on in the spring. Since gaskets are prone to wear during the transition from cold to hot weather conditions, ensure your faucets are functioning properly before you need them for garden or landscaping projects.


Clean Your Drains


There are several ways a drain can become blocked over time, which causes your drain to slow down substantially. Under these conditions, clogs are more difficult to detect and often remain unseen until after the issue has developed. Spring is an excellent time to have your drains cleaned in time for the warmest period of the year. A thorough cleanse will enable your drains to run efficiently and minimize the chances you will experience the hassle of dealing with a slow drain, excess moisture, mold and fungus growth, strange odors, and build-ups.

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